The Focus of Attention

There are many good reasons why the customer has to be the focus of attention.

Customer Opinions

Dear Bernd,
I took your Python course in Toronto this past June (2013). I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed taking the course. You provided an excellent background to programming, which I thought was very relevant to procedures and processes that have been put in place through Python. The course provided the basics, while also answering questions on topics that were relevant to our group, leading through examples, and applied practical knowledge. I am now in a position to work on my own programming skills and code through what you have taught and the examples you have provided. This is a very relevant course for anyone wishing to learn about current programming in Python, software integration (in my case, scientific research), and numerous other applications.
Best wishes,
Laura (Laura Chasmer (Ph.D.), Cold Regions Research Centre, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo ON, Canada, August 2013)

"I found my Python training class in Toronto to be very rewarding on many different levels. Bernd is an exceptional teacher, he is able to communicate programming theory so people of all different levels can understand. He clearly has a very deep understanding of Python and was able to answer the majority of questions I asked. The examples Bernd used throughout the class to describe all the many uses of Python were very inspiring to me. The course material is excellent, there are many practical examples we worked through that help the theory sink in much easier. After a few days of intense learning I was able to write python scripts to automate some very important tasks for my job which has helped motivate me to dig much deeper. Bernd is one of those unique teachers that truly has a talent for teaching and it's reflected in his enthusiasm of the subject.. The course location in Toronto is very nice and convenient, it's close to many interesting things to see and do. I'm already planning to attend the Advanced Python training class with Bodenseo!"
(Mike Makar, International Finance Corporation, Washington DC, March 2013) "The Python course [at Lake Constance] exceeded expectations. Not only was the subject matter expertly presented at an appropriate level and swift yet manageable pace, but Bernd and the attendees were also delightful. Overall, this was well worth a flight from California, and I'd highly recommend Bodenseo to friends and colleagues."
(Adrian Fehr, Siemens Healthcare -- Next Generation Diagnostics, Berkeley, California, USA, November 2012)

"I've attended a beginner Python course and all I have to say is that I'm very satisfied, I would recommend it. The course is intensive and complete, the teacher (Bernd) is competent, helpful and friendly. The accommodation is pleasant, too."
(Laura Mascetti, Terma GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany, October 2012)

"Hi Bernd,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for coming to Betzdorf last week and giving us a very good training package on Python.
It has really been appreciated by the team your kindness and knowledge."
(Marco Pacitto, SES, Ch√Ęteau de Betzdorf, L-6815 Betzdorf, Luxembourg, October 2012)

"Bernd Klein is an excellent and very knowledgeable programmer and python teacher. He adapted the contents of his course to the necessities of our group and guided us through various aspects of Python programming, with well-chosen examples and high-quality material. His friendliness and approachability made the learning process even better."
(Dr. Lucia Santamaria, Fachredakteurin Mathematik ZBMATH, FIZ Karlsruhe, Berlin, September 2012)

"I attended Bodenseo's Python for Beginners with Bernd Klein. The course was very well structured and Bernd explained every example very thoroughly. The course has helped me quickly learn Python and apply it to my job role right away. The real world examples we were able to work through to better help me understand how Python works. The location of the course Hotel Hoeri am Bodensee was a beautiful location with very nice facilities. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to immerse themselves in learning Python with an excellent instructor."
(Brian Christner, Production Systems Integrator, Source Capital AG, Zug, June 2012, Switzerland)

"The Python course given by Bernd Klein of Bodenseo that I attended at the Hotel Hoeri am Bodensee was excellent. Being relatively new to programming, the topics and the combination of tutorial & practical content made the subject easier to understand. I now feel that I have the tools to be able to go straight into a Python project. It is also good to take a course in such a pleasant hotel in beautiful surroundings."
(Mike Hurst, Data Analyst, Source Capital AG, Zug, Switzerland, March 2011)